Strategy & Philosophy

Generation Income Properties purchases assets with future generations in mind; hence its name. GIP acquires the most conservative, credit-worthy, long term real estate assets with the understanding that the underlying real estate is ultimately irreplaceable. While the REIT is established to provide a stable yield for long periods of time, special attention is paid to the intrinsic present and future value of the real estate in order to prepare for reusing the assets for other tenants after lease expirations.
Generation Income Properties is committed to making disciplined investments that adhere to its specific underwriting parameters. By having a long-term and generational outlook on any one investment, the quality of the real estate is of paramount importance to the aggregate value of the REIT’s portfolio. Therefore, the following specifications are considered before Generation Income Properties will invest in any one asset.

Investment Criteria


Generation Income Properties only invests in the top 20 highest population density cities in the United States. Below are the 20 cities for your reference.

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Dallas
  • Denver
  • Honolulu
  • Houston
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • New York
  • Orlando
  • Philadelphia
  • Phoenix
  • Raleigh
  • San Diego
  • San Francisco
  • Seattle
  • Tampa
  • Washington, DC

Generation Income Properties is committed to having the highest credit rated companies as tenants within its portfolio. Therefore, the REIT’s focus is to primarily buy and hold properties that have investment grade credit tenants occupying the assets.

Lease Terms

DURATION: Generation Income Properties has the flexibility to purchase assets with primary lease terms of any duration. With the focus of the REIT being on the quality and density of the real estate, lease length is a primary underwriting tool, but will be secondary to intrinsic real estate values. However, the ultimate goal is to acquire and hold assets that have at least ten (10) years or more remaining within the initial term of the lease.

EXPENSES: Generation Income Properties was established to purchase prime location, triple net leased real estate investments. However, the REIT is able to purchase assets that are leased to tenants operating under triple net (NNN,) double net (NN) as well as other types of lease structures.

For property submissions or to speak to someone directly at Generation Income Properties, please contact us directly.

“Focus on the long-term fundamentals of each property, and plan as if you were investing for your children and your grandchildren.”

News & Media

Advantages of Investing in a REIT

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GIP founder, David Sobelman, was interviewed by Business Observer, announcing the launch of his new triple-net-lease brokerage, 3 Properties. Sobelman Starts New NNN Firm Triple net lease specialist and Calkain Cos. co-founder David Sobelman has left the Herndon, Va.-based firm to start his own commercial real estate brokerage. Like Calkain, the new Tampa-based 3 Properties

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Investor Relations

Generation Income Properties has received Regulation A+ Approval from the SEC

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Our Firm

Generation Income Properties was established to take the proven and scalable concept of investing in triple net leased investment properties and applying fundamental real estate underwriting as its core principle. Its leadership and culture has one of the industry’s most respectable reputations as being an expert in triple net leased investment properties as well as for its ethics and outlook into the future. GIP maintains an efficient approach to costs and expenses and, as the saying goes, separates the wheat from the chaff.


David Sobelman

Founder & CEO

  • The driving force of Generation Income Properties
  • Provides the experience, contacts, reputation and methodology to guide Generation Income Properties’ portfolio into the industry’s most stable and incrementally valuable position within the net lease REIT industry.
  • Served two United States Presidential Appointments
  • Began real estate career from the bottom as a real estate research analyst in 2003
  • Co-founder, Executive Vice President and Managing Partner of Calkain Companies in 2005
  • Has procured or overseen roughly $10B is net lease transactions
  • Authored the first book on net lease investments:
    The Little Book of Triple Net Lease Investing
    currently in its second edition
  • Published over 30 times in commercial real estate trade journals
  • Speaker at over 40 conferences and venues on the net lease investment market
  • Actively sought for quotes and insight from major national news publications; including the WSJ, Forbes and Fortune
  • Leadership roles in ICSC (60,000 members) for net lease investments

Board of Advisors

Douglas Band

President, Teneo Holdings

James Graff

Co-Head of Real Estate Investment Banking, Raymond James

Melvin Lazar

Founding Partner of New York CPA Firm, Lazar, Levine & Felix, LLP, now Baker Tilly. Board Director and Audit Committee Member of two public companies.

Benjamin Adams

Founder & CEO, Ten Capital Management

Daniel Mirman

Partner and Counsel, Everett & Everett

Patrick Quilty

Chief Credit Officer, AIG Multinational and Alternative Risk Group, New York

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