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Sobelman Starts New NNN Firm

GIP founder, David Sobelman, was interviewed by Business Observer, announcing the launch of his new triple-net-lease brokerage, 3 Properties.

Sobelman Starts New NNN Firm

Triple net lease specialist and Calkain Cos. co-founder David Sobelman has left the Herndon, Va.-based firm to start his own commercial real estate brokerage.

Like Calkain, the new Tampa-based 3 Properties is focusing on triple-net deals, in which tenants pay pre-arranged operating and other expenses such as taxes, insurance or utilities.

But Sobelman intends to revamp his brokerage business model for 3 Properties and charge clients less in transaction fees, by “drastically” eliminating overhead and expenses.

He adds that company agents will receive more in commissions than standard brokerages, and that many services will be outsourced to consultants and vendors.

“There’s more information out there about real estate than ever before, so there’s less need for traditional intermediaries,” says Sobelman.

“We plan to be the Uber of commercial real estate and triple-net lease brokerage, while everyone else will still be running a taxi company.”

Read the rest of the story on the Business Observer site.

GIPSobelman Starts New NNN Firm

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