Generation Income Properties

Real Estate Investments For Generations​

GIP Overview


Generation Income Properties, Inc (GIPR) is an SEC reporting company on the OTCQB marketplace which purchases assets with future generations in mind. The REIT was established to take the proven and scalable concept of investing in net lease investment properties and applying fundamental real estate underwriting as its core principle. 


GIP’s strategy is to acquire credit-worthy, long-term tenants with great underlying real estate. The company intends to provide long-term stable yields to its investors, with a focus on real estate that has the best chances of future appreciation either through the value of the assets or growth through lease rental rate increases.


GIP – a public net lease REIT – was founded by David Sobelman. Mr. Sobelman has 15 years in the net lease commercial real estate market. His extensive experience includes overseeing billions of dollars in single tenant net lease commercial real estate transactions across the United States.