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Traditional Acquisition


The traditional acquisition structure to allow GIPR to acquire and continue to grow the portfolio that functions the same as any other purchase and sale of an asset. GIPR uses a combination of debt and equity to purchase a property from a seller.

Our Portfolio

GIPR’s approximately 221,000/SF portfolio totals $48.3 million  (cost basis of assets) with an average weighted lease term of 6.1 years. 

Market Opportunity

A disproportionate number of net lease properties are privately owned. This market fragmentation implies an opportunity for public REIT buyers, such as GIPR, to leverage scale and internal expertise to create value. 

We pursue often overlooked shorter-term leased assets with a high probability of renewal and the benefit of a 100-150 bps cap rate increase over similarly tenanted assets with a longer lease term. 

Extensive Underwriting

GIPR conducts extensive research to evaluate target markets and properties, including a detailed review of the long-term economic outlook, trends in local demand generators, competitive environment, property systems and physical condition, and property financial performance.

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GIPR acquires, owns, and manages a diversified portfolio of single-tenant net lease retail properties with high-credit-quality tenants across the United States. If you’re interested in our Traditional Acquisition, please reach out to our Acquisitions Manager, Robert Rohrlack III by filling out the form below.  He will be in touch shortly.